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Ordering, delivery or returns: in digital commerce, you have many points of contact with your customers. Each of them holds opportunities for you. With suitable services, we help you seize these opportunities. This allows you to optimize your own processes and satisfy customers to the maximum.

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Optimize checkout process

The journey of a parcel begins with the online order. Even while your customer is entering their data in the address template, we can match it with our database. We check that the delivery address is authentic and up-to-date to identify false information. At the same time, you can automatically show your customers which receipt options exist at their address.

These products enable you to optimize your order process:

Check address data
Help your customers with autocomplete and protect yourself from false information and avoidable returns.

  • Current delivery addresses at all times
  • Easy integration into your web shop
  • Avoidance of unnecessary returns
More about the API interface for Address verification

Delivery at a suitable time
If you need it faster, to an alternative address or at a certain time: we’ll make it happen.

  • Automatic display of receipt options
  • The customer can select the best times to receive the items
  • Score points with the customer through transparency and maximum flexibility
More about the API interface for Shipping options

Alternative delivery address
Your customers can collect parcels at over 2,700 service points using the PickPost service and at over 150 My Post 24 terminals.

  • Popular with our customers
  • Protection against fraud thanks to ID card control or QR code
  • Fewer restrictions due to longer opening times for PickPost service points and 24/7 access to My Post 24 terminals.
More about the API interface for PickPost / My Post 24

Automate consignment preparation

Once an order has been received, it's time to prepare for shipping: ensure a smooth shipping process with compliant parcel labels. Whether you create the parcel labels online with us, via digital interface or completely by yourself and only send us the data: we have a solution for you for all variants.

These products enable you to automate consignment preparation:

Create shipping labels using the online service
For senders with small parcel volumes

  • Complies with required standards, no individualization possible
  • Online service immediately available
More about the “Domestic parcel labels” online service

Create shipping labels in your own system via a digital interface
For senders with large parcel volumes

  • Create address labels conveniently via your own system
  • Access to the entire product portfolio
  • Exchange consignment data with Swiss Post and update it in your database
More about the API interface for Barcode

Electronic transfer of consignment and billing data
For senders with very large parcel volumes

  • Create full address labels in your own system
  • Exchange consignment data with Swiss Post and update it in your database
  • Secure SFTP connection
More about DataTransfer

Track and trace shipments and manage parcels on the go

Now it's "on the road": give your customers certainty about the delivery and include them in the further course of the journey. At the same time keep your customer service up to date.

These products enable you and your customers to track consignments:

Consignment information for your customers
Guide your customers with consignment status messages and support the receiving process

  • Your customers can query the status of a consignment at any time without login
  • Your customers have the option of managing how they receive their item
  • Your customer service/call center is relieved of additional work
More about consignment information for your customers

Process overview in the online service
Keep a close eye on what we do and use extensive data to optimize your processes.

  • Status of all consignments with confirmation of receipt
  • Overview of the status of all consignments on a franking licence number
  • Statistical data such as number of returns
More about Track consignments Business

Process overview in your own system
Keep your system up-to-date with the latest information on your consignments

  • Various standard reports on the status of your consignments.
  • Ideal for your own analyses and integration into your system
  • For users of the API interface Barcode or DataTransfer
More about the API interface for Barcode


Returns are a barely avoidable part of digital commerce. Use this as an opportunity to be remembered. With simple solutions for returns, you increase the satisfaction of your customers and their willingness to buy from you again in the future.

Our products:

Have returns collected from customers
A great service for customer loyalty: we pick up returns for you directly from the recipients.

  • Fast return of goods
  • Greatest possible convenience for your customers
  • Easy integration into your web offer
Learn more about the pick@home API interface
Illustration: API (application programming interface)

Digital Commerce API
A single interface for everything

Commerce is your business. We’ll ensure it runs smoothly.

Let us help you simplify the order process for your customers. From identification and determining the place of receipt to the delivery time slot, we have the right service to make a simple purchase an enjoyable experience.

Using API technology (application programming interface), we provide you with several modules, which help increase your conversion rate and customer loyalty. We would be happy to advise you.

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