Surcharge for manual processing
For parcels with special packaging and shapes

Swiss Post has to sort by hand parcels with a special shape, packaging or other specific characteristics. We will charge this additional expenditure with the “Manual processing” surcharge.

Price for manual processing

Surcharge per parcel
in CHF, incl.VAT


The surcharge is in addition to the parcel price. It applies to the following services:

Swiss Post processes these parcels manually


  • Tubes including tins up to 100 cm in length
  • Pyramid-shaped and triangular packaging up to 100 cm in length
  • Surface that is undulated or too inclined (more than 5° from the base)
  • Other special packaging types


  • Dark or reflective packaging
  • Other unusual packaging
  • Materials such as wood, metal, leather


  • Parcel labels cover two areas
  • Parcel label is not in the largest parcel area

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With suitable packaging, sufficient padding and correct addressing in accordance with our specifications, your parcels reach their recipients quickly and safely.

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