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I am the recipient Please contact the sender of your consignment.
I am the sender

An enquiry can be initiated if the delivery time has been exceeded.

More information on delivery times for international consignments.

Domestic consignment enquiry

International consignment enquiry

You can track the status of your consignment conveniently via our “My consignments” online service.

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You can manage receipt of your consignment. If you have missed a consignment and it is not possible to collect it within the time specified with the collection note, you have four options:

  • Deadline extension
  • Second attempted delivery
  • Forwarding
  • Order an authorization

Find out more about the collection options for missed consignments.

Manage receipt of your consignments online.

Private customers

Service Time frame Direct link
Online with registration Up to 2 days prior to expiry

Change of address with forwarding
Retain mail
Redirect mail

By phone on 0848 888 888 Up to 2 days prior to expiry -
Online form Up to 2 days prior to expiry
Upload copy of ID
Amend forwarding orders
Branch counter Up to 2 days prior to expiry
ID required

Business customers

Service Time frame Direct link
Online with registration Up to 2 days prior to expiry

Change of address with forwarding
Retain mail
Redirect mail

Online form Up to 2 days prior to expiry
Upload copy of power of representation (Commercial Register excerpt, etc.) and ID
Amend forwarding orders
Branch counter Up to 2 days prior to expiry
Copy of power of representation (e.g. commercial register excerpt) and ID required

What are the typical formats for a consignment number?

Swiss Post consignment number formats are as follows:

Type of consignment Examples of consignment number formats
Parcels, Swiss-Express consignments 99.00.123456.12345678
Swiss-Courier 97.00.00123456
“Registered (R)” letters 98.00.123456.12345678
Letters with Letter ID 12345678.123456.123456789 (IRN. Order number Consignment number
Small consignments 0031234567891234567 or own reference
International consignments CP123456789CN (Parcel), RC123456789DE (“Registered” letter (R)) or LS123456789SG (Priority Plus)

What is the correct way to enter the consignment number on the input screen?

Enter the consignment number with or without full stops, but always without spaces. Both of the following examples are possible: 99.00.123456.12345678 or 990012345612345678

Is the consignment number unknown?

To track consignments, you need the consignment number that is assigned to each consignment (for examples, see “Consignment numbers”: What are the typical formats for consignment numbers?) If you don’t know the consignment number, you can ask the sender for it.

Why are the consignment numbers for international consignments not shown in consecutive order?

The last digit before the letters “CH” is a check digit and is not part of the consecutive item number. This digit therefore has no effect on the sorting of items. The item counter is consecutive. Example: “RN 145 773 216 CH”, “6” is the check digit.

Why can’t I enter the last digit for international consignments myself?

You cannot enter the last digit yourself as it is a check digit that is not part of the consecutive consignment numbers.

Please call us on: 0848 888 888

Domestic consignments

Type of consignment: Consignments

Courier consignments: Swiss-Courier “Turbo”, “Rapid”, “Standard” and Swiss-Courier “Lightning”

Express consignments: Swiss-Express “Moon” and Swiss-Express “Moon” bulky goods

Parcels: PostPac Priority, PostPac Economy, Economy bulky goods and Priority bulky goods, PostPac Promo, Vinolog

Letters: Registered (R), Registered Prepaid, non-registered electronic cash on delivery (BLN), A Mail Plus, Dispomail, court documents (GU), debt collection documents (BU),

Letters with Letter ID (2D data matrix), returns

International consignments

Type of consignment: consignments

Courier consignments: URGENT goods and URGENT documents

Parcels: PostPac International PRIORITY and ECONOMY

Letters: Registered (R) and PRIORITY Plus

Parcels: General Logistics Systems (GLS)

Parcels and letters: Express Mail Service (EMS)

You can learn more about import customs clearance in the following video.

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For data protection reasons, we are unfortunately able to give only identified people information on the sender of a consignment. You have the following options:

You can find more information online with the “Track & Trace” online service.

You can also visit your branch counter; they will give you information upon presentation of an official ID.

The “Track consignments” online service displays different messages according to the progress made in processing a consignment. If you would like to find out more about an individual event or the general consignment status, you will find the corresponding explanations on the “Track consignments” events page.

You can track the status of your consignment conveniently via our “My consignments” online service.

For logistical reasons, registered letters and parcels can only be collected starting from the day after the notification is issued.

You can find more information under Options for receiving consignments and recipient services.

Report the damage at your branch within 8 days of delivery. We will create a report there and check whether you are entitled to compensation.

Please bring the following with you:

  • Consignment contents
  • Packaging
  • All available delivery documents (invoice, delivery note, etc.)

Please contact us via the online form. If possible, please attach an image of the consignment.

However, please note that private delivery businesses also deliver consignments in larger cities and conurbations. So it may be the case that, despite your order with Swiss Post, other mail ends up in your letter box.

Yes. With a form of identification and a notarized authorization, you can issue a forwarding or retention order for a third party at any branch counter.

Why do I not always receive signatures for international items?

The signatures are only registered in Switzerland using scanners; there is no international standard. Signatures for international shipping are only available with the URGENT product.

As the sender, can I print out proof of delivery, including the signature and item picture?

You can print the search result, signature and item picture in a PDF file. A program for viewing PDF files is required for this.

An error message is displayed when I try to print a signature. Why?

This may be due to your personal web browser settings. For Internet Explorer, change the settings as follows:

  • Launch Internet Explorer
  • Click on “Internet options” under “Tools”
  • Select “Advanced”
  • Deactivate the checkbox “Do not save encrypted pages to disk”
  • Click on OK

Why is a signature not always displayed for consignments that require one?

For organizational reasons, we cannot always include an electronic signature for every delivery. We will nevertheless provide you with a printed copy of the signature free of charge on request. You can initiate the order directly online by following the relevant link to “Track&Trace”.

Why do I not have access to this additional data (e.g. signature) as a private customer?

For technical and legal reasons, only customers with their own franking licence number and billing relationship with Swiss Post can view this additional protected data in “Track consignments”.

What does Swiss Post do to prevent abuse of signatures and how is data protected?

Only the sender of the item can access the signature. Access is only possible via “My Post Business” and is password-protected. Customers can only retrieve their sensitive data with their franking licence.

The CHF 300 exemption limit applies only to passenger transport, i.e. if you cross the border in person. The Federal Customs Administration has stipulated the following for freight transport: There is an exemption limit of CHF 5 for both VAT and customs duties. If this is exceeded, the goods must go through import customs clearance.

VAT charges

Goods Books, food (excluding alcohol) All other goods
VAT rate 2.5% 7.7%
Exemption limit CHF 200 CHF 65.00

If the value of the goods is higher than the exemption limit, the consignment must go through import customs clearance.

Note: As per Article 52 of the Federal Act on Value Added Tax, all services associated with importing are also subject to VAT, including postage.

Customs duties

Customs duties are calculated based on the customs tariff number (type of goods) and the weight. If the charges exceed CHF 5, the goods undergo import customs clearance regardless of the value of the goods.

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As a rule, every consignment from abroad is liable to customs duty and VAT.

There is no special tax-free limit as with passenger traffic, only a fee exemption limit. Accordingly, customs duties and value added tax are not charged if the amount calculated is less than CHF 5.00 per customs declaration, whereby customs and VAT charges are considered separately. Gifts sent from private individuals living abroad to private individuals in Switzerland are duty-free up to a goods value of CHF 100.00. Goods purchased on the Internet do not satisfy these conditions. They are subject to duty in accordance with the general provisions.

The upper limit of the goods value (incl. transport costs) for an import exempt from VAT is:

  • 7.7% VAT (applicable to majority of all consignments) => CHF 65.00 
  • 2.5% VAT (special goods such as books) => CHF 200.00

The forwarding order will remain in place for one year. After this year, consignments sent to the old address will be returned to the sender with a corresponding remark. If you wish to extend a redirection temporarily or indefinitely, this can be done online or by calling our Swiss Post Contact Center on 0848 88 88 88 or

In some countries, consignments are withheld at central or local customs offices. Generally speaking, the customs office concerned will inform the intended recipient that certain import information is missing or that customs fees apply. The consignment will be released only once the customs clearance formalities have been completed by the recipient.

Is your consignment at Swiss customs? The consignment will be controlled in cooperation with the Swiss customs authorities. The inspection can take several working days. You can find more information under postal customs clearance.