Business reply labels for parcels
Direct returns from your customers

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Would you like to offer recipients the possibility of returning goods to you at your expense? All you need to do is send goods with a business reply label (GAS) and you can unlock a new way of enhancing customer loyalty. These items can be mailed easily and free of charge at any Swiss Post acceptance point throughout Switzerland. You pay only for the consignments that have actually been returned.

Here’s how it works

Business reply labels can be combined with the following basic services: 

This ensures that you receive returns more quickly.

Sending consignments

Your customers can send business reply label items as parcels or express consignments at all post offices easily and without payment: With SameDay afternoon, consignments can be dropped off at 59 post offices and 25 business customer counters. Business reply label items can also be collected at home or from any address in Switzerland with pick@home, or they can be mailed from a My Post 24 terminal.

Address labels

In addition to the necessary barcodes, GAS address labels always indicate the recipient’s address. This means that business customers can indicate the relevant department in the address, allowing incoming parcels to be forwarded internally to the right place without any delays.

Monthly invoice

Consignments with a GAS barcode are indicated separately on the monthly invoice (cost transparency in relation to the quick differentiation between outgoing and return items).

Who is this service for and preconditions

Business reply labels are primarily intended for the following customer segments/sales channels:

  • Distance selling, e.g. for returns of goods ordered on approval
  • Exchange of goods between the same business partners (B2B, B2C, C2B)
  • Items to be recycled (e.g. empty printer and fax machine toner cartridges returned to a collection point so that customers contribute to protecting the environment)

You require a billing relationship with Swiss Post and a franking licence authorized for parcel post.

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